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The Burrow is now closed and moving to Lumos -- read news below!

Randomly Selected Stories
The Family Clock by Jan McNeville (B)
Across from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley is an old and respecta...

Charlie's Boyfriend by EntreNous (W)
Harry is surprised to meet Charlie's boyfriend, but he's even more surprise...

Recently Updated/Added
Hearts Over Dracontias by Isis and Neit (C)
Charlie Weasley investigates a mysterious dragon killing - a post war tale ...

Quiet in the Wee Hours by Eve_7564 (L)
Hermione's been patient, but she's tired of waiting for Ron to make his mov...

Warmth by juniperus (C)
At the holidays we all need a little warmth....

Clumsiness by juniperus (C)
The middle-of-the-night excursion wasn't Neville's idea......

In the Spring by juniperus (C)
The world is reborn in the spring -- even friendships....

Do You Remember... by juniperus (C)
Arthur and Molly sit, swing, and reminisce....

Touches In The Dark by Yulara (W)
"Then something changes, someone is there. Heís being touched, carefully, g...

Lava Girl and the Ink Drop by Snegurochka (L)
The Ink Drop was the best-kept secret in the nightclubs of Wizarding London...

Pickle in the Middle by jadzialove (L)
Percy discovers there are some benefits to being the middle brother....

Imagining It by GM Weasley (L)
"He was fantasising about his brother's girlfriend. It was sick. He probabl...

Drawn Together by EntreNous (S)
Neville just can't seem to help showing up wherever Ron is. Written for th...

An Unexpected Sort of Scavenger Hunt by Snegurochka (L)
Charlie Weasley was only supposed to check the Shrieking Shack for valuable...

My Brotherís Child by beaweasley2 (S)
Fred's girlfriend Lydia goes to Fredís the funeral to lay flowers on his gr...

Charlie's Boyfriend by EntreNous (W)
Harry is surprised to meet Charlie's boyfriend, but he's even more surprise...

When You Love Two by lilmisblack (L)
There was tenderness in one's touch, while the other was rough. One offered...

IMPORTANT: The Burrow moving to the Lumos archive
Sycophant Hex will upgrade our existing software beginning 12:01 am GMT September 26, 2008. As part of this process, we will consolidate The Burrow, Pureblood and Wolfsbane archives into Lumos. The Burrow, Pureblood and Wolfsbane archives will be permanently closed to new submissions beginning September 26. If you are not already a member of Lumos, please take a moment to register there.

Beginning October 1, Lumos will re-open, and will feature The Burrow, Pureblood, and Wolfsbane submissions,
along with all general Harry Potter fanfiction. All stories that currently exist in The Burrow, Pureblood and Wolfsbane will be transferred to the Lumos archive by Sycophant Hex staff.

By combining our three smallest archives into Lumos, we will reduce the time and effort needed to sustain our multiple-archive system. Please note that Ashwinder, Occlumency, Eros & Sappho, and Chaos will remain as independent archives.

As always, thank you for your continuing support of Sycophant Hex.

CareCrystal on 2008.09.23 - 03:09AM (1 Comments)

Thank you for your interest
Thanks to everyone who applied to Sycophant Hex for our recently posted Admin positions. We received applications from several qualified people, which made the final decision very tough. We have now filled our two open positions, and all candidates have been notified. I'd like to thank everyone concerned for their interest in and support of Sycophant Hex -- we greatly appreciate it!
CareCrystal on 2008.09.11 - 04:27PM (0 Comments)

Call for Admins!
Interested in working behind the scenes at Sycophant Hex? Have a love for the English language and Harry Potter canon information? Then consider joining the Sycophant Hex Admin staff! We ask that all prospective Admins be able to commit approximately six volunteer hours a week. For more information, please go here. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!
CareCrystal on 2008.08.20 - 03:27PM (0 Comments)

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Ron Weasley is convinced that their Felix Felicis was faulty. Too many thin...

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